The New Website Review 2016

The New Website Review 2016

{The New Website Review 2016}

Is it just me or do you also feel like lately some companies are changing their websites saying it is an ‘improvement’ only to find it is sometimes less user-friendly, lacking some of your favorite features and/or adding new bells and whistles you never felt you needed? Previously for me it happened with Pinterest and most recently it is used to be a place where I would go and ‘easily’ see what other fellow cake decorators were creating from the classes they had enrolled in. It was quite inspirational to see all the various skill levels participating in this one special place with no feeling of competition. I could also make comments if I liked. To me this was a positive experience and an added bonus for purchasing their various classes. To my regret they have just rolled out a new updated website that sadly for me has lost that special comfortable feeling. No longer do I feel like I am among sugarcrafting friends when I visit it. As much as I wish I could turn back time I cannot, so it will be one more fun place I will reluctantly and for the most part say good bye to. What a real shame!!!

Before I wrote my above thoughts I did reach out to them when I heard about their new changes. They did get back to me unlike Pinterest. The person who emailed me was very pleasant and upbeat about the upcoming changes, so kudos to her for that. But despite promises of better things to come, in the end the new site is overly polished and is missing that special feeling of “I want to make it and this is the place to learn how”.

It was not until I read the following articles that I understood why they felt the need for these changes:

Craftsy to Launch Redesigned Website Further Integrating Ecommerce with Online Classes

Denver-based startup Craftsy reshuffles as it expands into e-commerce, cuts 24 content jobs

Bottom Line:

No matter how they try to repackage, rebrand, etc. it will not become a place where I will be purchasing (other than cake decorating classes) my gumpasting needs. Instead I plan to continue to support my favorite retailers both locally and online because they need patronage even more now to survive especially since they don’t have the resources such as the profitable online courses that has.