How to Make Water Droplets Out of Piping Gel

{How to Make Water Droplets Out of Piping Gel}

Would you like to make some pretty little water droplets for your gumpaste or fondant flowers and/or leaves? Well, to my knowledge, piping gel is the best way of creating some realistic water droplets. Here are a couple of methods you can try.

2 Ways to Make Piping Gel Water Droplets

Before you try either method I seriously suggest you do some trial runs on a spare piece of gumpaste before trying your hand on a finished piece as the droplets do take a little bit of finesse to create.

The first method is to use a small paint brush and just dab the tip into the piping gel and then onto the object on which you want a droplet. Sounds easy enough, but I do not like the uneven results (see: picture below). That is because when you dab it on you do not have the control of how the piping gel flows and settles. The result is a droplet with a slightly irregular shape instead of the more realistic, rounded shape. 

{Brushed Water Droplet vs. Piped Water Droplets Made With Piping Gel}

The second technique is to place some gel into a disposable icing bag outfitted with a small writing tip. I prefer the results of this method as it gives me more control over the size as well as the formation of each droplet’s shape. However, as I mentioned in a previous post (see: Gumpaste Water Lilies & Dragonflies), this is a real sticky substance, so I dreaded even the thought of using it. That all changed when I came across a technique for when one does use this icing bag method. You can watch a video of it on Karen’s Cookies website

This incredible, almost “mess-free” technique shows how to avoid the piping gel pitfall.  Be sure to watch her video all the way to the end in order to see how she uses the cling wrap method I am so excited about. I hope you find it as useful as I did. I absolutely adore Karen for making my life a little easier now when dealing with piping gel. Thank you very much Karen! (FYI: I first tried a #5 icing tip and for me it allowed way too much gel to come out at once, so I switched it to the smaller #2 tip and that did the trick.)

{Old & New Way of Using Piping Gel in Icing Bags}

Here are a few suggestions I would like to submit for when you use piping gel instead of icing: You are only going to need a small amount of piping gel as it goes a long ways when it comes to making droplets. The good news when using Karen’s method for piping gel is that, unlike icing, it can be left in the bag until the next time you need to make droplets. The reason is because there is nothing in the ingredients that can spoil or separate. However, you will need to cover the icing tip so the piping gel will not dry out when exposed to air. I have found that placing a little wad of cling wrap into the tip and covering it with a Wilton Silicone Decorating Tip Cover is the perfect method for keeping the air out. It also stops any of the gel from leaking out when not in use.