Different Ways to Form Gumpaste Clematis Petals

Different Ways to Form Gumpaste Clematis Petals

{Different Ways to Form Gumpaste Clematis Petals}

Below are some of the ways I create different sized and shaped clematis petals.

My Clematis Background

The idea of creating gorgeous gumpaste “clematis blossoms” is something dear to my heart. I love all of Mother Nature’s flowers, but for me this is a super special one. So much so that I dedicated 11 years of my life to this genus as the founder and president of the first American Clematis Society. I’ve grown hundreds of these beauties and authored two books about them. Oh, the reason I am sharing this with you is I hope you feel this qualifies me to give you my insights into their shape, size, etc.

The Right Size Clematis Petal

The first consideration is the size of the petals because this is going to affect how large the flower’s overall diameter will be. It is safe to say that universally the most popular clematis are those with larger blooms that are about 6” to 7” in diameter. So, if that is the size you are going for I suggest creating petals that are 2 ½” to 3” in length. This accommodates the approximately 1” space for the center stamens as well as the combined length of the petals that are opposite each other.  The advantage of this size is it can be used either as a nice focal point blossom or be used en masse on your cake(s). With the smaller types of clematis the size (and shape) is a little harder to pin down, but my preference is to make ones that range between 3/4” to 2” in length.

My Cutters & Veiners

As you can see below I have a decent collection of metal cutters and veiners that I’ve dedicated to this special flower. The reason is because I want to be able to make an array of interesting clematis. Several years ago I decided to make some sample gumpaste petals using my various cutters and veiners. Shown are some of the combinations I created. 

{KEY for Gumpaste Clematis Petals}

My Small Metal Cutters

1. Sunflower Sugar Art clematis petal Large #FV-210

2. Sunflower Sugar Art clematis petal Small #FV-210

3. Sunflower Sugar Art camellia leaf Small #086

4. Tinkertech Two leaf #229

5. PME cattleya orchid petal #43-220CO

6. Tinkertech Two clematis petal #595

7. Tinkertech Two clematis petal #596 

My Large Metal Cutters

8. PME leaf cutter Large #SL252 

9. Framar casablanca/stargazer cutter #265A

10. Framar casablanca/stargazer cutter #265B

11. Framar casablanca/stargazer cutter #266A

12. Sunflower Sugar Art camellia leaf Large #086 

My Veiners

A. Squires Kitchen veiner clematis Lasurstern #GM05C004-03

B. Diamond Paste Moulds veiner clematis

C. Squires Kitchen veiner clematis Sieboldii #GM05C004-07

D. Squires Kitchen veiner clematis Viticella #GM05C004-09

E. Squires Kitchen veiner clematis Montana Alba #GM05C004-05

F. Sunflower Sugar Art veiner clematis #SV-078

G. Ebay handmade (no longer available)

{A collage showing gumpaste clematis petals made with assorted veiners & cutters}