Correct Terminology: Gumpaste or Gum Paste?

Correct Terminology: Gumpaste or Gum Paste?

{Correct Terminology: Gumpaste or Gum Paste?}

When I started working with this wonderful sugar medium I was puzzled because I would see the word being used as both gumpaste and gum paste. So, which terminology is correct? Although I prefer using the word gumpaste, I have found that, after doing an extensive Internet search, some manufacturing companies do call it gum paste. On the other hand many talented American sugarcrafters, such as Jacqueline Butler, Jennifer Dontz, Pilar Gonzalez, Nicolas Lodge, Minette Rushing, and Giovanna Smith, call it gumpaste. Since there is no definitive authority I could find directly addressing this issue, it leads me to conclude that both of these terms are deemed acceptable.

It is never a problem when was speaking to someone about it because they cannot tell if it is one or two words being spoken. However, when I decided to start writing about it I had to make a choice between the two, so I decided to use the term ‘gumpaste’. The reason I have opted for gumpaste over gum paste is because (as you can tell from the name of my site) I am fond of using the word gumpasting when referring to the activity. As far as I know, the word “gumpasting” to describe the activity of working with gumpaste is not presently being used, but in my opinion it should be. It just seems logical to me that the art of handcrafting flowers, leaves, buds and other objects out of gumpaste should be called gumpasting. After all, when you glue something it’s called gluing, when you paint something you are painting, when you sew something you are sewing…well, you get the picture. It is performing an action utilizing a specific product or activity. So, viva “gumpasting”!

Regardless of whether you call it gumpaste or gum paste I hope you will join me and start participating in the very rewarding pursuit of “gumpasting”. 

{Happy Gumpasting!}