Gumpaste Pea Pod Baby

Gumpaste Pea Pod Baby

{Gumpaste Baby, Pea Pods, Sweet Pea Flowers on a White Trellis}

I recently saw the cutest photograph of a real-life baby nestled in a pea pod prop. So, I thought making a large gumpaste pea pod would be the perfect vessel to showcase a molded baby. I needed some height, so that is when I decided to make a white wooden trellis on which the sweet peas could grow. In this make-believe project I took a little artistic license by combining regular pea pods along with pink sweet pea flowers.

Gumpasting Tip

As much as I love using pedestals for my various projects I felt that this piece looked better displayed on a green square plate to repeat the cake shape and coloring of the pea pods. Not to mention, having it grounded (i.e. not elevated) also accentuates the airiness of the delicate trellis.

{Pale Pink Gumpaste Sweet Pea Flowers and Pods on a White Trellis}

{Gumpaste Baby Asleep Inside of a Giant Pea Pod}